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Are you a First Time Mom? We want all FTM's to attend one JBF Tulsa FTM Presale!  (if you have ever attended a Tulsa FTM Presale you will be unable to attend again, but we would love to have you as a volunteer or consignor and you can shop early still!)

Presale Extravaganza Day,~Sat, Aug 18th~1at Time Moms presale at 6pm

To qualify for this season's FTM presale you must:

1.) Be pregnant with your VERY FIRST child OR in the process of adopting/fostering your first child OR your first child is under age 1.

2.) Be pre-registered! Use this>>>> https://www.jbfsale.com/JBF/contact.jsp?franNo=377054037 and choose the Tulsa sale...check the box for First Time Mom during Sign Up. You will be emailed your sign up confirmation that will be your ticket into the sale!

Note: Insert your due date or the date that your child was born in the Referred By section of the online signup form. We will have your name at the door after you pre-register.

3.) You will be allowed to bring 2 guests with you (husband, mother-in-law, new grandparent etc).

*SORRY-NO CHILDREN, STROLLERS or WAGONS are allowed at the FTM PRESALE (nursing infants held in baby carriers are welcome). (Our consignor family presale is directly before your presale and they are allowed to bring children and strollers.)

JBF Tulsa is second hand help for first time parents! 
You can find the following items at our sale:

    Maternity Clothing (sorry, we are not able to offer dressing rooms)
    Maternity extras, bras, belts, nursing cover ups, nursing blankets, baby carriers, etc.
    Breast Pumps, Bottles, Bibs, Diaper Bags, Crib Bedding, Blankets, Cloth    Diapers, and much more!

    Our families bring everything you will need to raise a child from birth and beyond!

Hope you find great items for your little one! Paul and Daven Tackett

Connect with us 3 FB ways!

1) New~ CONSIGNOR Facebook Group.  Join here, JBF Tulsa Consignors-get in on selling tips and all your questions answered quickly about consigning, selling, pricing.  You must be signed up to consign each sale to remain in the group! This group can help you get your things ready. You can also join our contests and get special offers!

2) Like Us on our Facebook Fan page here: We try to keep everyone in the loop with emails and newsletters about JBF Tulsa and the next sales event at Expo Square, but for a more timely way of communicating with so many friends and family, JBF Tulsa relys heavily on FaceBook. For all the latest details and up-to-the-minute news!

3) Click GOING by going here on our FB Event for each event! 

So don't be left out. Join now!


Presales: Consignors, Volunteers & First Time Moms

Presales for Consignors/Volunteers/VIP Ticket Holders/First Time Moms:
Sat., Aug 18th, 9am-9pm

9am -  12-Hour Volunteers
11am-  7-Hour Volunteers
Noon -  5-Hour Volunteers
12:30pm  -  Media
1pm - Consignors
3pm -  Consignors' Guest
3pm - VIP Ticket Holders (Buy Tickets on our Event Details page)
5pm -  Consignors' Immediate Family
6pm -  First Time Moms

NOTE: Strollers, wagons, & children 0-12 yrs. are NOT allowed at presales. We make an allowance for nursing infants (0-6 mos) who can not be away from mom, but no car seat carriers or strollers are allowed in, but baby wearing is allowed.

VIP Presale Shopping-NEW Shopping opportuntiy for anyone who is not a consignor or volunteer but wants to shop before we open to the public -
Aug 18th - Saturday-3pm to 9pm -Purchase your ticket now or buy your ticket at the door-$20. (limited to 100 adults-NO children/strollers or wagons allowed for this presale),

Shopping Hint: Some savvy shoppers bring a measuring tape to size up clothing and make sure their items will fit when they get them home. You can also trace your child's foot outline to measure for shoes at the sale.

Security Measures in Place:
Please report any suspicious behavior at our event to JBF staff or our police officer on duty. We hire Tulsa County Sherriffs and we have an undercover officer along with three paid EXPO trained secuity guards.
Thanks to the watchful eyes of our Consignors, shoppers & volunteers we were able to keep our sale safe. We know that most people are honest and this is not common at a JBF sale, but if you see anyone switching tags, shoplifting or anything else that looks “shady” please let us know. This is your merchandise, your money. We do everything we can to prevent theft, but our eyes can’t be everywhere at once, so we appreciate your help in protecting the JBF items that you worked so hard to prepare. Think twice…”JBF Crime Stoppers” are on patrol.
Do not leave any valuable in your car.

Children at Presales:
We have made the decision to allow a short time slot for those consignors who NEED to bring their children to the presale. Children can shop with their parents (who have the appropriate presale pass) at 5:00 pm on Presale Day. Children must stay with their parent at all times. First Time Moms will shop at 6:00 pm.

Referral Cards:
Are you someone who wants to let others know about JBF! Simply print off these cute referral cards -on card stock and hand out. Not only will you be helping us market JBF, but you will get a bonus as well. On the referral cards, there is a place for you to write your name and consignor number to participate in our Refferal Program:
-Get 1 new mom to sign up to consign at least 30 items and refer you by name during sign up in the Referred By box or email us to let us know who you are referring or ask them to turn in your referral card, you will receive an extra 10% on your items.
-Get 2 new mommies to sign up and consign at least 30 items and refer you by name during sign up in the comments box or email us or ask them to turn in your referral card, you will receive an extra 15% on your items.
Help us get the word out as your friends become new moms!

Get your JBF Referral Cards to print off!

Mini Posters:
Click Here to download and print off Tulsa Mini Posters to hang at your place of business, gym, church, favorite resturant,  or preschool. The poster lets moms snap a pic to get in free to the event!


Sorry, no Dressing Rooms

Sorry, No Dressing Rooms Available:
Due to our limitations on space and volunteers, we are not able to provide dressing rooms at our sales event.

We strive to offer the best shopping environment as possible so you have the best selection. This also allows us to curb losses from theft, which means you can be sure your items stay safe and sell for the highest possible price! Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.




Paul & Daven Tackett

P: 918-814-9326

See our FB Event page

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We wanted to help families save money while taking care of their family, so we started JBF!  In Sept. of 1997 in a living room we started with 17 of our friends and it has grown to be the nation's largest sales event! We now have more than a 1000 consignors/families who benefit from selling their gently-used items. If you would have asked me how big this business could get back in 1997, my wildest dreams would not have been this. God has truly blessed this business and many others along the way. Your items have more value at JBF Tulsa! Get involved today!


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