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We want everyone to make 70% on the items they sell, but you have to be a helper to get the extra 10%, we understand if you cannot help and we can give you 60% of the selling price on your items. We have a $12.50 consignor fee which we can take from your check, no need to pay ahead.

  • Sign up to get your Universal Consignor Number
  • Let us know you are participating in this seasons sale by signing up using the link at the top right of this page and choosing the TULSA SALES EVENT.
  • Read the information on MERCHANDISING PREP Page for complete instructions for how to package and tag your items. Due to JBF policy we cannot accept items that are not prepared following these guidelines
  • View TAGGING VIDEOS for complete how to for tagging your items
  • Print off your Consignor Agreement and Waiver when it is emailed to you (and bring your self addressed stamped envelope) to speed up your drop off time
  • If you are a 24 hour team leader or you have more than 300 items we have a special drop off by appointment. Sign up by clicking here and filling out the form.
  • No time to tag and/or Drop Off?  Take advantage of our New VIP Tagging program.  Email shelly@jbfsale.com for more details!

(You will need this waiver and a self address, stamped envelope for your consignor check)


12pm-8pm-Wednesday, Feb 26-this is by appointment only drop off for consignors with over 300 items and Perfect Consignors and 24 hour volunteers...click here to fill out form to schedule your appointment
11am-8pm-Thursday, Feb 27
9am-1pm-Friday, Feb 28

7:30pm-9pm-Sunday, Mar 2 (registered consignors only)

1pm-9pm-Saturday, Mar 1

9am-5pm-Saturday, Mar 8

Want to shop even earlier, VOLUNTEER?
Click here for more info!



PERFECT CONSIGNOR LIST-make sure your name is on it so you can skip inspection...Horray! Wonderful! Terrific!

See How-To-Tag videos to the right! Read all the information on this page so you can enjoy PERFECT CONSIGNOR  privileges.

Are your items immaculate?  Do you want to be included in our Perfect Consignor program?
Guidelines for Perfect Consignor Privilege:

Perfect Consignor status is a tangible way to thank our consignors who consistently follow all the JBF guidelines outlined below and bring great items to the sale.
We appreciate those consignors who spend the extra time at home ensuring that their items are stain free and tagged correctly!

If you have less than three stained, damaged, unacceptable, items pulled at drop off inspection and during the entire sale (including shoes), your name will appear on our PERFECT CONSIGNOR list This enables you to skip inspection during drop off and save time!

REMEMBER: Perfect Consignor status is earned each sale. Spend extra time inspecting items at home so that you earn perfect status for the next sale! Check out our MERCHANDISE PREP INFO to make sure your items will be accepted.

Here are the rest of the guidelines to qualify for our Perfect Consignor status:

You must sign up to consign online at least 2 weeks before each sale.

You must consign consecutively - 2 sales a year with Tulsa (if you skip a sale, you will need to go thru inspection again to earn it back)

You must consign no less than 30 items of clothing/shoes to even be considered in this program and if you are a consignor who brings over 300 items, you must not have more than 1% of your items turned away at inspection

You may only bring your items, not a friend's

Your 3 items or less rejected also includes shoes (consignors with over 300 items must not have over 1% of thier items rejected)

You must print off and complete your waiver(this will be emailed to you in a few weeks) at home and bring your own self addressed stamped envelope to check in

You must turn in your Inventory Control Card (we will give this to you when you check in) to our head inspector before you leave drop off

You must bring back your Pick Up Pass (we wil give this to you when you check in) if you are picking up your unsold items.

Notice: Once you are part of the Perfect Consignor Program, you have the privilege of skipping inspection from then on. However, if 3 or more of your items are found to be stained or damaged or you consign a recalled item or items missing pieces or parts, you will not be able to be part of the Perfect Consignor Program until you go back thru inspection the following sale and try again.

Our Perfect Consignors are rule followers and help us run a very smooth sale! Thank you!



5p-8p-Sunday, Mar 9th

It's easy-Bring your Pick Up Pass

  • then look at lost and found,
  • find your clothing on the racks in number order,
  • find your table and floor items in our floor section area 
  • then stop at our check out tables to finalize your pick up. 

If you do not have your Pick Up Pass, you will need ID to pick up items.

Any items not picked up (or left in the room) before 8pm on this day will be donated.  We are not able to take items home with us or have them in the rented room after this time. 

Checks will be mailed on Mar 22nd.


TAGGING VIDEOS: See how to tag!


Tulsa JBF asks consignors to use SAFETY PINS to secure their price tags; we do not encourage the use of tagging guns.

The main problems with using a tagging gun to secure tags:
-tagging guns can make holes in certain fabrics especially if you do not use the extra fine needles and barbs. Once your tagging gun puts a hole in your clothing, it cannot be sold...it is damaged and a shopper will be very upset when they get home and cut the tag off and find a hole that is now visible
-tagging gun price tags are difficult for inspectors because they have to be very careful on what to watch for when you have a consignor who uses tagging guns…the holes can be overlooked
-we deal with ripped off tags when consignors use barbs longer than 1/2 inch, because they flop around when shoppers are moving the clothing on the racks
-tagging gun tags are difficult for shoppers who have to look for the price in other places than the upper right hand side of the clothing, and some shoppers just skip an item if they cannot easily find the price
-tagging gun price tags make it hard for volunteers who rehang the discarded clothing during the sales event because it they have to look for a tag that is not on the upper right hand side of the front of each piece
-tagging gun price tags make it hard for breakdown volunteers who will be looking for the consignor number in other places than the upper right hand side of the clothing, and they slow down sorting
-tagging guns can be dangerous in the hands of little ones because they are very sharp and the needles cannot be retracted within the gun

Tulsa JBF asks for consignors to use WIRE or DRIP DRY  HANGERS for all clothing.

Pluses for WIRE HANGERS:
* they don't break 
* they take up less space on our racks
* they are cheaper to buy than plastic
* you can get a safety pin around them when you need to attach two items to a hanger.


Are you consigning a car seat or travel system with a car seat?  Print your Car Seat Waiver here to speed up your drop off time.


ALL SHOES will be inspected this sale. Make sure your shoes are like new and sized 0-8.
Sports Shoes, Cleats,
Tap, Ballet and House Shoes
all need to be inspected.


If you are bringing a crib to sell please look over, fill out and bring to drop off this Crib Waiver.

Mommy Mart-sell your wooden household Items:
Desks, Chest of Drawers, Bed Frames, Book Shelves, Armoires, Dining Room Tables, End Tables, Sofa Tables, Coffee Tables, Chairs, Entertainment Centers, Bar Stools, Cupboards, China Cabinets, Buffets, Nightstands & Bureaus, Benches, Screens and Panels, Vanity Tables, Wooden furniture of all kinds

 You must email a picture and price to daven@jbfsale.com to have your Mommy Mart item approved before you drop it off.

We are not able to accept the following:
* Household Knick Knacks
* Lamps that are not child oriented
* Mattresses (except crib/toddler bed)
* Antiques with an antique price
* Exercise Equipment
* Old Computer Equipment
* Old TV's (flat screens are ok)
* Suitcases
* Mirrors or Glass Furniture
* Artificial Plants

Once you’ve checked in at the computer and put out your smaller items, you will want to drive your large household items to the back of the building and unload them there. Volunteers in the back will let you know where you can display your item. Bring your own muscle if you can not lift your item by yourself.