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Check your day planners and get a sitter!
WE NEED YOU! Volunteering is so easy.  Whatever your skill level or ability, there is a task waiting for you (Mostly we need help with organizing and help bagging customers items at the registers).

Which Pass do you want? The more you volunteer, the earlier you shop and earn 70%!

24 Hour Team Leader Requirements
Shifts that equal 24 hours of time (see specifics to your far right)

  • You shop at 6pm, Friday, August 15th & Half-Price Presale at 7:30 pm, Friday, August 22nd

12 Hour Volunteer Requirements
(2) Five hour shifts
(1) Two hours breakdown on Saturday, Aug 23rd after 5pm or Sunday, Aug 24th, 9a-9p

  • You shop at 9am, Saturday, August 16th & Half-Price Presale at 7:30 pm, Friday, August 22nd

7 hour Volunteer Requirements
(1) Five hour shift
(1) Two hours breakdown on Saturday, Aug 23rd after 5pm or Sunday, Aug 24th, 9a-9p

  • You shop at 11am, Saturday, August 16th

5 Hour Volunteer Requirements
(1) Five hour shift

  • You shop at 12pm, Saturday, August 16th

Husband Barter Requirements for 12Hr Presale Pass
(1) Five hour Husband General Set Up shift
(1) Five hour Husband Break Down shift

  • You shop at 9am, Saturday, August 16th & Half-Price Presale at 7:30 pm, Friday, August 22nd

No Breakdown Barter Requirements for 12 Hr Presale Pass
(3) Five hour shifts anytime (for anyone that can not do a breakdown shift this is a good option to still be able to shop at the earliest time on Sat, Aug 16th

  • You shop at 9am, Saturday, August 16th & Half-Price Presale at 7:30 pm, Friday, August 22nd

Breakdown 1 Barter Requirements for 7Hr Presale Pass
(1) Five hour breakdown shift on Saturday, Aug 23rd 5pm-10pm or Sunday, Aug 24th 4pm-9pm

  • You shop at 11am, Saturday, August 16th

Breakdown 2 Barter Requirements for 12Hr Presale Pass
(1) Eight hour breakdown shift on Saturday, Aug 23rd, 4p-12am or Sunday, Aug 24th, 9am-9pm

  • You shop at 9am, Saturday, August 16th & Half-Price Presale at 7:30 pm, Friday, August 22nd

Presale Pass Information:
To shop the volunteer presales, pick up your presale pass at the Volunteer Information Table during our consignor drop off times. If you can not pick up your presale pass during our consignor drop off then you will need to arrive at least 20 minutes before your shop early time and go to the south door to see the volunteer with the passes. Only one person per pass - no husbands, mothers, children, pregnant friends, etc. will be permitted to attend the volunteer presale without a pass.

If you need to come back to shop with your children, you may do so at 5:00pm. First Time Moms and their guests will enter at 6:00pm.

Please bring your children’s sizes with you.
No Children…. No Strollers…No Wagons at presales until 5pm for the Family Presale.
Please bring a laundry basket to shop with. We have a limited amount of large handled bags that you may borrow while shopping.
One person per pass - no husbands, mothers, children, friends, etc. will be permitted to attend the volunteer presale without a pass.
If you consign items with us and use the first drop off days, you will receive one pass for yourself for 1:00pm on Saturday.
If you only drop off at our second drop off, you will not receive any passes.

Other presales on Saturday,
Consignor Presale at 1pm:
First in line, first to get in. Bring your laundry baskets and lawn chairs while you wait for the doors to open and visit with other bargain hunters. FUN! FUN! FUN!
Consignor Friend Presale at 3pm
Consignor Family Presale at 5pm (spouse and kids only-no grandmas, friends, aunts)
First Time Moms at 6pm (can bring 2 guests) Must register by clicking here and setting up your MY JBF PROFILE.

Presale Extravanganza Tulsa JBF:
Saturday August 16th!

12 hour volunteers shop at 9am & shop 1/2 price presale Friday, Aug 22nd, 7:30p-9p
7 hour volunteers shop at 11am
5 hour volunteers shop at 12pm
Consignors shop at 1pm
Consignor Friend shop at 3pm
Consignor Family shop at 5pm
First Time Moms at 6pm


Follow this to see if you qualify for a first time mom's presale pass


BARTER TO EARN 10% ON YOUR SOLD ITEMS AND SHOP EARLY-can't be at the sale but still want to shop early and make an extra 10%? Easy-LOG IN and then choose VOLUNTEER to be able to see what barter is available. 
If you have chosen a MEAL BARTER:  Here are the receipes for each day!

If you have chosen any other barter-email Shelly@jbfsale.com to get your instructions.

What to wear & bring

When you get to the sale to volunteer, please enter through the doors on the east side of the buidling. We will meet you at our Volunteer Sign In Table just outside our Office Area.

Please remember that you need to be comfortable. We recommend wearing close-toed shoes that give you lots of support. And please wear clothing that lets you move easily. We also have aprons that you can use to keep supplies in.

Snacks will be available, but if you have special dietery needs, you may want to bring a private stash. We will have lots and lots of ice cold water!

Please arrive 15 minutes before your shift starts and we will pair you with a friend! See you there!

Do not leave valuables in your car or anything visable. You might want to lock your valuables in your truck or just leave them at home.


Join our 24 Hour Team Leaders

Wanna be a Team Leader? Have extra time to give to great endeavors? We would love to have your help at JBF! This is a fast and furious effort that is not for the weak, fair weathered, or faint of heart. We need dedicated ladies to be the heart of this event. This is a very popular event and we could not bring this to the mom’s of the Tulsa community without your help! We thank your families, your husbands and children, and your childcare provider, for allowing you to go on this adventure with us. Please read our requirements below and submit your requested time to kendra@jbfsale.com

24 Hour Team Leaders Schedule Requirements:

Volunteer 24 hours of time from Aug 11th-Aug 24th

The following shifts are required:

Volunteer 4-6 hours Presale Day, Sat, Aug 16 10a-10p

Volunteer 4-6 hours Opening Day, Sun, Aug 17 12:30p-10pm

(Optional hours)Sign up for 5 hours weekdays Monday-Friday, Aug 18-22, 9a-2p or 2p-7p

Sign up for 4-6 hours of Breakdown Time, Sat, Aug 23, 5p-midnight or Sun, Aug 24th, 10a-10p

If you are able to fulfill all the obligations of a 24 hour volunteer team leader and want to join us, please email kendra@jbfsale.com with your schedule set up like the sample below. You can copy and paste this into a word doc. and then attach it to your email.

Schedule for _________________________________(your name)

Date Day Time In Time Out
8/16 Sat/Presale
8/17 Sun/1st Day
8/23 Sat/1/2off Sale
8/24 Sun/Breakdown

Total must equal 24 hours

Presale Pass- will be emailed to you by Kendra

Things you need to know:

Arrive 10 minutes before your shift to sign in and grab your name tag
Wear comfortable clothing and shoes
Bring a meal if you think you will need one
(we have a microwave & refrigerator you can use)
We will provide snacks and drinks while volunteering (we are not able to provide full meals)
Leave valuables at home, do not bring them to the sale or leave them in your car
Have fun and ask questions if you need something

YOU Shop First-----Thank You!

Our "Thank You" is that we gladly invite you to our special 24 hour team leader reception and presale on Friday, Aug 15- 6pm-10pm (your family may join you at 8pm)

Please arrive no later than 5:15pm. We will want to grab a few snacks and do some celebrating before we shop til we drop! We will all gather at the east doors..... No Early Shopping if you get here early please make your way to the Hold Area room. Don’t forget to bring your laundry baskets to carry your finds. We will have an honor system hold area and rolling racks in the clothing isles.

We gladly invite you to the 1/2 Price Presale on Friday, Aug 22 7:30p-9:00p! Please bring your pass. If you can not shop it, give it to a friend!

We appreciate you so much! (Good luck finding wonderful things for your precious angels.)

Kendra@jbfsale.com for any and all questions about being a 24 hour volunteer team leader.

Perfect Consignor Instructions for 24 hr volunteers

As one of our very valued 24 hour volunteers, you have the added perk of skipping inspection. You have provided Kendra with your 24 vol schedule and we appreciate it. So long as you keep all of our volunteer hours and not drop out of being a 24 hour volunteer for this sale, you my bypass clothing inspection for this sale, and if you are not found to break any of the following guidelines, you will be able to skip inspection for the next sale too.

We have very easy rules for you to keep this privilege

Please wear the prefect inspection sticker as identification- you will get this when you check into the Consignor Check In at the computer

In order to remain on the “inspection Perfection List” make sure you have followed all JBF guidelines, including:

·      You must participate in consecutive sales, if you miss a sale, you name falls off the of the list.

You must have printed out your waiver at home and already have it filled out

·      You must have your stamped envelope ready with it address to be mailed to you, and  your consignor number on the bottom left corner.

·      All clothing sized 4T and under must be on a smaller hanger, not an adult sized.

·      All multi piece items MUST be safety pinned together

·      Bar-coded Tags are printed on white card stock in their original size, not shrunk down (either 4 or 6 to a page)

·      Re-check all of your items for stains or defects before you leave them on the rack (The lighting in our sale building is brighter than at home_

·      No short sleeved items –only exceptions are uniforms or colored (black shirts), fall themed shirts (see our Mechandise Prep on our SELL page for complete list)

·      No recalled items

If you have a question about items of yours, please find Daven and ask before putting your item out.

Love, Daven and Paul

Barter Opportunities

For those who would like to shop early and would rather trade skills, products and breakdown time instead of “at the sale” volunteer time, we offer bartering. If you would like to take advantage of a barter, please use the log in link above.

All Barter will now be listed on the volunteer scheduler. All Barter will be first come, first served. Click here to get to the volunteer scheduler.

JBF Appreciates you!